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Check where your vehicles are at the moment or use the detailed reports to see what is happening in detail

Simply log into your account and explore the unlimited possibilities you have – whether to see where you vehicles have been, or where they are at the moment. With more than 100+ features available today you can check the exact speed, engine status, location, altitude, mileage at any given time of the day


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Depending on the package, features vary. Choose the package that best suits your needs.

Features Free Trial Hosted Server
Live Monitoring
History Player, Reports, Notifications, Geozones
Admin panel
12 month history
Your domain
Garmin integration
No monthly fees
Hosted on your server

Pricing Packages

Get everything out of the box within minutes: run your professional GPS tracking platform hosted in our data centers. Start with minimum investments and efforts. Enjoy outstanding reliability and up-to-date software.
1-50 objects
Unlimited users
350 device models
Your domain
$ 49 monthly
Best choice
51-500 objects
Unlimited users
Priority support
12 month history
$ 99 monthly
501-1000 objects
Unlimited users
Full API access
Corporate website
$ 199 monthly
Special Offer
Unlimited objects
Unlimited users
No monthly fees
Hosted on your server
$ 1999 once

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Knowing you can save your business money is one thing but knowing how much is another.

Research shows that companies who install a GPS tracking solution see many benefits including: reduction in fuel costs, reduction in speeding incidents, increase in productivity and reduction in maintenance costs

Over time, customers have seen notable improvements to fleet-related concerns such as driver behavior, speeding, accidents,, maintenance costs, fuel usage and overall productivity. Their bottom line has seen positive developments that happen very quickly together with the ROI calculations. For example 24% of driver safety scores improve just after 4 weeks of using our telematics solution.

Reduction In Fuel Costs 0
Increase In Productivity 0
Improve Overall Safety 0
Reduction In Maintenance Costs 0
Reduction In Speeding Incidents 0
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Compatible with 450+ devices

Our GPS tracking software works with all major GPS tracking devices. See our full range of more than 450 supported devices here. If you have a device that is not in the list please contact us and we will add it.

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